Renault building it’s own electric engine

French company Renault with its partner Nissan earnest continue development of its electric vehicles. The Alliance was recently recognized as the world leader in sales of vehicles with electric drive, but their production to date bear losses of both companies.

That will change with the new version of the compact model Zoe, announced to Autonews Vincent Carré, who is chief of the division of Renault, responsible for marketing and sales of environmentally friendly models.

For Zoe has developed a completely new engine that has allowed mileage of the vehicle to increase from 210 to 240 km. The motor is named R240, as its production will be significantly cheaper than the previous Continental Q210, which goes into history.

By Renault announced that for the first four months of 2015 sold 4653 units of Zoe in Europe, which is by 153% more than the same period in 2014. The total sales volume for 2014 is 11 005 electric, as in company provide that the new engine will help sales next year Zoe soar by 50%.